Merits of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Over Radio

Adina Hamb

CD quality sound system

When compared to conventional AM/FM broadcasting, DAB has a lot of advantages. When compared to normal FM broadcasting the DAB has the benefit of high sound quality. Any other external sources don’t interfere with this DAB. However, DAB has a unique capability to serve the mobile audience, thus providing high-quality coverage wherever and whenever it is required.

Efficiency of the spectrum

Another major advantage of DAB is spectrum efficiency. It means that there will be a possible way to increase the number of stations initially. DAB can serve a minimum of three when compared to FM without congesting the radio waves. This audio coding method is more efficient, it is possible to carry more radio programs with no degradation to existing services, and without changing the existing receivers.

Active echoes

DAB has the ability to add Passive echoes in a constructive manner to the direct signals already received. It can also use Active echoes. There won’t be any time delay between transmitters present at a particular area. This is known as Single frequency network (SFN) concept. In terms of frequency and time, all the SFN transmitters need to be synchronized. Another major concept is Gap-filling technique. It represents the second type of application which makes full use of the active echo concept. A gap-filler receives the signals from the main transmitter and retransmits them on the same frequencies at very low power consumption. Although there will be some time difference between main transmitter and the gap filter. The gap-filling concept is flexible for both terrestrial and the satellite broadcasting systems. In the case of FM transmission, while travelling the driver has to retune his receiver while moving from one transmitter signal to another one. DAB eliminates this problem due to two modern concepts, Single frequency network and Gap filling.

Ideal bit rates

The Eureka 147 DAB system is a flexible and dynamically reconfigurable modern system. It can accommodate wide range of bit rates between 8kb/s to 384kb/s, with a range of channel protection mechanism. The range of bit rate is directly proportional to the quality of the transmission. Some broadcasters are using low audio bit rates per audio channel (16kb/s – 64 kb/s); in order to transmit more channels at slightly reduced quality. With a bit rate of 32 kb/s per audio channel, the Eureka multiplex of 1.5 MHz can accommodate as many as 36 channels, with half channel protection level.

Data transfer

A large variety of programme and independent data services can be transmitted using this Eureka DAB transmission system. All the data services are probably transmitted from the outset and the signals will be received by the receivers of first generation DAB system. The encoded signals from the DAB transmission system will be received by data receivers, including which are all incorporated within desktop and notebook computers. The electronic weather reports and the data transmission are good examples of receivers incorporated within the computers. The Eureka DAB system has high resistance against multipath and other reception impairments of data reception in the mobile environment. The Eureka DAB system is an ideal replacement to the wired Information Highway distribution system now being established worldwide.

Difficulties in FM radio reception

In case of FM radio transmission the listener have to install a good outdoor antenna. A majority of radio listeners today use mobile receivers. These mobile receivers use a simple whip antenna, resulting in substandard FM reception quality in many areas. The quality of FM reception inside a building and compact places is questionable. This problem is due to loss of signal during the internal reflections happening within the building. Eureka DAB reception will be good even at these kinds of places. When using mobile receiver, shadowing problem may occur. Shadowing is defined as Blocking of signals by the buildings which all lie in the direction of signal transmission. This won’t happen in Eureka DAB.

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