Legend of Mana Review (Switch eShop)

Adina Hamb

It is appealing to see how the Mana series has been treated about the yrs, each by Square and the general community. Top secret of Mana was extensively considered a single of the finest RPGs of its time and even these days carries really a little bit of clout, but […]


It’s effortless to see why this was these types of a polarizing title upon release. There’s a whole lot to adore in this article, but Legend of Mana can be tiring in how substantially it likes to participate in ‘hard to get’. All the ingredients and person pieces of a solid, impressively revolutionary RPG are current, but it feels like the developers basically tossed all these strategies in a bag and shook it vigorously, rather than having the time to lay out all individuals thoughts in a coherent and curated manner. We’d give this one particular a suggestion, but only to fans of the genre, exclusively those who desire much more experimental titles. If that does not explain you, there is however a great probability you’ll find a thing to like about Legend of Mana, but just be aware it may perhaps be more of a combined bag.

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